Feelings – I suck

It’s hard for me to remember
Because of the way I’ve been treated
It’s hard to diagnose
Feelings of the mistreated
No one has taken me
Into consideration
I have all but forgotten
What it is to be in this station

When you don’t bother to check in
You never return a phone call
You don’t ask how I’m doing
Or even care for me at all

I had a reminder
That they all have feelings
Be careful with their hearts
I’m told
They have feelings and thoughts
I’m told

But what about me

When they forget to call
When they forget to write
When they forget to show love
Leaving me alone in the night

But what about me
Do I not have any
These feelings thing you speak of
I feel I may have plenty
It may not be so loud
And it might be slightly concealed
But the worry and the anger
Are all things that I feel

I’m reminded about that time
Where I simply forgot
The appointment on my calendar
And the ringing of my clock
The distance was wide
And I did not despair
For he was acting like they all do
Just like he did not care

Months then pass
And that’s when I realize
His feelings were hurt
His smiling is simply a disguise

They are right to stay away
Because I seem to not have a care
For the feelings of others
Blankly, I’m not aware