Goodbye sir

We always knew our bodies die

But in this moment let me

Shed love

Your memory stays warm & deep

The love we had I’ll always cherish

You appeared in a moment

Left the same way

Now I’d love to hear you

Until we meet again my friend

Stay with me even though

our time has been stolen


Death and a Funeral

Hey everyone! An old friend of mine had a devastating loss last week. Both his brother and his father passed away within days of each other. I know that a funeral and burial for 1 person can cost from $7000 & up, at least that was the price in 2010 when my mom passed. However, someone has made a fundraiser on behalf of his sister and there are doing a raffle if you donate at least $25. If you can donate anything, I ask that you please take a moment to help out, please. Thank you.