This song is for you

I’ll write a you a song

but tell no one

This is for me and you

This time

just us two

You have heard them

and I fail to listen

(Fuck them)

You have not known me

And I fail to care

This song is for you

Just for us two

No matter what you do

This is always for you

Don’t let them feed you their drugs

They will simply laugh and talk

Don’t let them push you

You deserve better than that

They promise you the world

Venom from their mouths hurled

You deserve better

Don’t let them

This song

Just us

No matter what

This is always for you


Author: butterflyafterlife

I'm a Assistant Director and producer for Indy Films/Shows, study as much as possible and love photography. Sometimes, I post about a thought in my head and let it take over from there. I love your support and feedback!