Ebony Magazine stole from me!

Ebony Magazine stole from me and won't pay me for what they stole. Help!



my name is Amanda. In 2012, I was hired to help someone shoot a promotional video of themselves. Being nice, I also provided the client with photos from the shoot that were watermark with my DBA information so that they were not stolen or published without my knowledge. In May of that year, that is exactly what happened. Ebony magazine edited the photos, published them in their June 2012 issue and ran a story featuring my photos. I didn’t receive credit as the photographer, I wasn’t contacted by them, nothing legal happened, from their end. I contacted them about this issue July 2012. I have sent them several invoices and have been bounced around, by email, since then.

I was promised a resolution by Brandy M. from Johnson Publishing (the owning entity), who no longer works there. I was promised resolution from Lena M., Felicia C., Nicole D. and Dudley B. (head photographer) from Johnson Publishing.

One time, I was sent a check directly to my DBA (which is clearly written to not send a check to the DBA on the invoice) that I was unable to cash because I do not have a bank account under that name. I was told another check would be reissued to resolve the matter.

Another time, I was promised by Dudley B., via a telephone conversation, that if I didn’t get resolution by February 27th, 2014 that I would get the amount I assigned in my second invoice to them, in full. On February 21st , I received an email from Nicole D. that had an agreement that was not what was agreed to with Dudley B.. I contacted her on February 24th and have yet to hear back from anyone in the company since.

The reason I’m telling you is simple. I’m a single mother of 3, living on someone’s couch as an alternative to being homeless, while my children live with my sister. This company could have helped prevent me from being homeless by paying what is owed to me. I have no money for a lawyer and have no money for court costs. I have been lied to and stolen from and the remedy is for them to ignore me and hope that I go away. I won’t go away. Ebony magazine stole from me.

I’m asking you to share my story and let people know that Johnson Publishing are rip off artists.
If you have had the same situation with Ebony Magazine/Johnson Publishing without resolution, let’s get together and form a lawsuit. If there are enough of us, I’m sure a lawyer would finally take them on for us. Please share this story.  I would appreciate it deeply.

Thank you.

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