Weekly Photo Challenge: Family



My entry for this week’s photo challenge is 2 of my 3 kids playing on my lap.  This is my little family.

As long as they are happy (for the most part), I figure I’m doing my job right, as their mother.  Family means so much to some and little to others.  To me, my family is much more than just my kids.  It includes people who I feel like are brothers, sisters and cousins, without the blood relations.  I grew up not knowing a lot of my parents’ family so I created an extended version of my own.  For my children though, we are all here together.

Thanksgiving celebrated the 1 year passing of my mother.  Although she is no longer here, I’m sure she is proud of all my children and I’m happy she no longer suffers.  May all of you enjoy your holidays the best way you see fit and remember, tomorrow is never promised.

Added the rest of my little family.


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