Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Currently, I’m taking an editing class, learning Final Cut Pro.  This week, the subject of the project we need to turn in is Time & Space.  A singer friend of mine said she was going down to Hollywood to sell some CDs so I decided to hop on the Metro and film her.  While I was there, I remember this week’s photo challenge.  So, I took photos, probably not the best, from Hollywood Blvd, of the windows that I saw that were interesting.  I will probably add more later, if I get a chance.

The windows of the stores across the street

As you can probably tell from the above photo, I’m pretty short.  🙂  The crowds were pretty awesome, we were posted in front of the cross walk.

El Capitan from where I stand

The windows of El Capitan.  It was already getting late so the sun was now behind this beautiful building.

Window on my back.

This is the window I was standing in front of.  I just turned around and shot, didn’t even realize the wording that I captured.  Which is actually really relevant to the film I was shooting. 🙂  If you look carefully, you can see the gazillion people passing by, ok, I exaggerate, but you know.


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