Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Yummier when people are getting promotions.

The above picture is the residual cupcakes that I had brought to class from a party of my ex-co-worker who has been promoted (again) and will be relocating work locations to a further southern California location.  He has been a great friend, co-worker and just a great calm in the storm.  He was missed when he got promoted from our office to another higher-paying position and now he’ll be missed more, I won’t be able to see him again, most likely.  I wish him the best.

Opportunity to relocate?

On my way to work, I saw this opportunity here.  Guest house for rent.  The opportunity swings in both directions here.  The time for meeting new friends, spending money and earning money.







Same things are like others


Different perspective of things

The two above images are exactly the same except for about a half step.  The perspective is such that sometimes we don’t see things exactly the way we would if we just take a step back into the shade and take a deeper look.

Caught this guy playing guitar in the park

He took the perfect opportunity, during the middle of the day, while everyone was at school.  Slowly strumming his guitar in the peaceful quiet of the dark.

Game of ball?


Empty baseball field

Normally, these diamonds are full and no one from the neighborhood would be able to get a game in.  however, during this time of the day, you could play to your heart’s content and be un-bothered.  If I had time, I would have stopped to play or run the diamonds, at least.


Hope you enjoyed these!  Again, all taken on my Samsung Galaxy s.



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