It’s in the art of things.

If I were to say that sometimes you have to lose you can learn how to win, would you understand?  I had to really think about it.  I hadn’t thought about it for a long, long time.  Unfortunately, in order to prepare for the next great thing or the next big step in life, you sometimes have to lose almost everything.  Since November, I’ve lost my mother, my sense of control on the ability to organize things that are not mine, my money, and sometimes my way.  Tomorrow (or later today), I will lose one more thing.

I received a phone call today that was a little jarring, but I can’t be too surprised by it.  Considering that the way things have been going, I probably should have seen it coming.  My bank declined a couple of checks.  Most importantly, they declined the check that was paying for my car.  I found this out when the nice lady from the bank called to inform me (No, I didn’t realize I was that far behind).  My first reaction was to go ahead and try to figure out what happened and find money if possible but then I realized something.  It’s actually a good sign.  I know, not many people would think like this, right?  It really is though.  Later today, when i call the lady to let her know that I will go ahead and let her take my car, I’ll do it with these things in mind:

  1. With the repossession of the car, that means I will no longer struggle for gas money.
  2. I won’t have to pay $800 for my registration nor will I get a ticket for not having registration.
  3. My tires are bald and therefore, I don’t need to replace them.  They can do that for me.
  4. That car has served me well for 50k miles and was a great help.
  5. Although I will miss my car, I will find another way to get to work and back.
  6.  It is just a car.  Material item that can be replaced at a later time in life.  Although I love my car, it is just a car.
  7. I still love myself and my kids – that can’t be repossessed, yet.
The important point is, I am only losing a car.  Life has not ended due to a car leaving.  Other cars will come and replace my old friend.  I hope that anyone who reads this can take away that materials things come and go.  Yes, I love to have luxuries, but they are just that, luxuries.  As long as I can still meet my most basic needs of security, shelter, food and love, all else will fall in line.

I took the chance to use up the rest of the gas in the car and went to the offices today to find that someone wants to partner with me on another project. Will this new thing be what helps me become for self-sufficient for me and my kids?  I don’t know.  I can only hope it will and I will think about that and try hard to focus on the positive as all the negative wipes out of my vision and out into the air out there.

Things happen for a reason.  And sometimes, you have to fall before you can rise.  It’s in the art of things.

The Butterfly


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I'm a Assistant Director and producer for Indy Films/Shows, study as much as possible and love photography. Sometimes, I post about a thought in my head and let it take over from there. I love your support and feedback!

3 thoughts on “It’s in the art of things.”

  1. 2005 was my wake up to the useless money sucking device called the car. I still own one but its not driven, insured or cared much about. Its for emergencies only. Since 2005 I have used public transportation or walked. I do have a physical ailment making driving hard for me but the dropping of the money sucking maggot car was done long before the injury.

    I do commend you on your decision because it is very responsible. Otherwise its just the same problem next month sucking out any joy you may have in life. The ticket and penalty for lack of insurance would have sunk you. You have made a very good decision that most people would never had made. Good job. Also, understand that so many people you think are doing well are closet broke asses too.

    My best advice is when traveling enter the address of destination in google, click directions, enter your starting destination and click on the bus icon, Choose the time you want to arrive and press enter. Then use the email feature to email the resulting info to your phone and now its right there to check back on when you make the trip. Step by step moves to take on the bus. When the directions say to make a transfer zoom on on that area so you can see for sure what the corner looks like. Sometimes the stop is in a very odd place almost looking like you are going the wrong way. Dont assume you know, it will bite you, zoom in and take a look, Enjoy your ride. Stress is much less when you public transpo.

  2. Thank you Christian! It’s not so easy for me because of the kids or having to be places without the funding. Luckily, my nephew is currently helping me out. As it stands right now, the car is sitting in my driveway, waiting to be picked up.

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