Men First or Women?

Ok, I admit it. I am a little old-fashioned. I didn’t start off this way though. Before, when I was younger and didn’t really understand what I wanted, I would have cared less and just did it myself but now, I’m different. I’ve changed. Over the years, through my previous lessons learned, through self-analysis, and mostly through others’ experiences, I’ve grown to know more or less, that what I want, coincides with my patience, rather than me rushing into things. Now, I understand that if I sit down and just have patience, things will happen.

What is it that I’m waiting for?

My friend posted a question about whether or not the woman or the man should be the first to approach.  Now, in my previous years, I didn’t mind doing the approaching because I was a go-getter and what I wanted, I’d go-agetter him.  Now, I want someone who is going to be the “Man” in the relationship.  He needs to be stronger willed and have the ability to reign me in when I’m off on a tangent.  How in the world can I expect for him to come along if I’m going after all the men that do not appear strong enough to approach me?  I mean, I could be completely wrong, I know that.  If I am, I’m willing to admit my misunderstanding in this whole way of thinking.  Is it so wrong for me to want someone who will work at getting to know me and then dating me before asking me to share his bed?

You be the judge.


Author: butterflyafterlife

I'm a Assistant Director and producer for Indy Films/Shows, study as much as possible and love photography. Sometimes, I post about a thought in my head and let it take over from there. I love your support and feedback!